Ninja-worthy chopstick skills are a must when you dine with friends at Fat Dumpling, one of Brisbane’s top picks for authentic, handmade dumplings and other Asian delicacies.

With its rustic brick walls, dark wooden tables and dim lighting, the constantly bustling Fat Dumpling is more cosy than large. However, whatever this den of deliciousness lacks in size, it more than makes up for when it comes to flavour with an impressive array of poached, steamed or fried dumplings.

It’s not uncommon to see uni students sitting alongside designer-clad fashionistas, all of them slurping down traditional dumpling favourites such as fish or vegetable. Locals have been known to travel across town for the steamed pork xiao long bao which arrive by the half-dozen in a traditional bamboo basket. Modern interpretations such as chicken and asparagus appeal to dumpling aficionados after something a little different.

Other dishes are offered as large or small plates and lean towards the classic, with the likes of shallot pancake, salt and pepper squid and crispy spring rolls. Small dishes tend to be served in lots of three, something which is guaranteed to test how much your partner truly loves you. Who gets that last, delicious spring roll?

What makes the perfect dumpling?
Neat, tight pleats. You don’t want to lose that delicious filling.
Plump and generous but not overfilled.
Fried dumplings should have a satisfying, caramelised crunch.
Hot – but not too hot – broth that’s made for slurping.
An overwhelming desire to eat ‘just one more’ when you’re already full.